When it comes to buying for homes, technology is a top factor considered. Needless to say, millennials are also most of the new home buyers.

A study indicated how 77% of the millennial home buyers look for homes with smart or tech-savvy innovations. Even the gadgets which are trendy now involve home automation systems where security, temperature or lights are controlled from a touch of a button.

However, the bathroom may be slightly forgotten in terms of these automated systems. But there are ways to add the latest technology to the most used room in one’s home.


High-tech toilets

Here are some features to consider when it comes to toilets.

  • Toilets not needing the use of paper or hands; having automatic dryers, spritzing wands and temperature controlled water
  • Toilet seats having warmers plus LED lights
  • Toilets which are self-cleaning with antimicrobial seats
  • Toilet lids with motion sensors


Digital faucets

There is nothing more beautiful than those tech-savvy as well as eco-savvy faucets on top of sleek Compact Vanity Units. These digital faucets conserve energy and water at the same time.

  • Minimal tap flow and temperature controlled settings
  • Touch-free tech
  • Infrared tech that senses when hands are not below the faucet
  • Programmable settings or features like teeth brushing option with water running for a specific time only


Soaking tubs

Standing showers are replaced with soaking style tubs. Here is what can be expected from these latest soaking tubs.

  • Tubs having no shower surround
  • Japanese style baths
  • Air baths that offer massaging bubbles
  • Modern and sleek tub faucets having pipes pouring into tubs
  • Lights which are mood enhancing or chromotherapy
  • New shapes and materials like copper and carved stone


Trendy gadgets

Here are some gadgets which add a level of tech to the bathrooms.

  • Waterproof television sets which prevent iPads from being dropped in tubs while watching a favorite show
  • LCD panels to control water flow, temperature, steam, chromotherapy and music
  • Bathroom cabinets which are refrigerated to keep medicines or cool drinks


Bathrooms are set to witness this high-tech revolution. It is just a matter of time.