If you own a blog site like Brony.com, which focuses on My Little Pony blogs, that also happens to be an e-commerce website, then you probably know the struggles that come along with it. Blogging can already be a difficult and daunting task especially when it seems like nobody is even paying attention to your blogs. But blogging for business purposes, now that’s even more difficult. But succeeding in business blogging is not example. In fact, if you know how to play the right cards, then everything might go from rock hard to smooth flowing.

There are 5 ways for you to succeed in small business blogging.

Never ever forget to update. You must be consistent in providing relevant and highly informative contents regularly. The most successful business bloggers do not write every day. But they never forget to be consistent in giving regular updates. You can pretty much write about anything so as long as it is connected to your business. Small business should be prepared to be committed to being consistent because it would take about 50 posts before Google can index you.

Sometimes, company executives are too busy to produce their own content that is why they resort themselves to hiring ghostwriters. Ghostwriters are basically writers who produce content in the identity of the person who hired him. This could cause a problem if they are discovered and it could reflect badly on the company.

Bloggers usually write very personal blogs. This would often involve them sharing some personal stuff like family, beliefs and even product secrets. By being personal, the viewers would be able to know you more and people always trust people they know. Being personal can also build good relationships between reader and writer.

Unfortunately, credibility and business can sometimes clash with one another. Sometimes you would have to post content that would benefit the viewers but not your company. A good example is industry tips or secrets.

Never pretend to be someone you are not. Tell your viewers up front who you are and what you do. If you would be tasked to make reviews about certain products, make sure you make an honest and unbiased review otherwise people will know and they will lose their trust in you.