During the holidays, people are more likely to buy Ugly Christmas Sweater or something related to the season. Most of the time, people don’t complain even if they are bombarded with emails of giveaways, promotions and every kind of special offer imaginable.

There are five tips that will ensure that your brand will provide a great customer experience that extends way beyond the life of the offer without people thinking you are sending them spams.

1. Be relevant. Marketing should be occasion-based with the right content. It is important to target relevant occasions when the audience will likely listen. The brand must always stay with the message and it should fit within the content marketing strategy. Don’t just think of holidays because many events occur throughout the year like sports competitions.

2. Encourage authenticity. Ask your customers what they want. Customers love it when their brand listens and they will provide you with their valuable insight. Encourage your customers to post photos and share their stories like why they wearing the Ugly Christmas Sweater.

3. Social media is your best friend. Many brands still overlook social media in their marketing campaigns. In the context of occasion-based marketing the best channels to be used to connect with people and galvanize audiences is social media. In order to generate a buzz on your business’s special offer, create and amplify content on your social media channels. Listen to current conversations and trends that people are talking about through social listening tools like Sysomos and Social Pulse. Analyze activities around an occasion from the prior year so that you can predict content that will appeal to your audience.

4. Gauge the appropriate tone. Every occasion requires a certain tone of voice so that customers will not be turned off. Sometimes, messages should not be too highly emotional because viewers would rather not see something serious or somber. A positive example is Oscar Myer’s campaign for Father’s Day that earned 500 million impressions with a 3.3% increase in sales for the month.

5. Don’t overdo it. Know when to deliver content to your audience and respect their personal space. Prepare strategic timing content delivery and brand messages that will add value to your audience’s life and not distract from them.