A well designed and attractive website plays a huge role in internet marketing of a legal firm. But most of the legal firms do not invest in a good website and waste money on paid advertising in social media. But this practice does not work as, though the paid advertisements draw traffic to the website, the poor website design does not engage the viewers and they bounce off.

Here are some of the best practices to follow while designing your law firm’s website content.  No matter whether you are a shoplifting lawyer, DUI lawyer or a theft lawyer, you can incorporate these best practices to make your website content stand out and attract attention.

  • The Content Should be Easy to Scan

People do not have time to actually read the entire content. They quickly scan through to get the gist of the content. Hence it is important to present the content in a way that it is easy to scan. The content should be easy to scan and at the same time should provide relevant information. You can write catchy headings and subheadings, use bullet points, highlight important points, use the right language, use images, info graphics and videos to improve the scannability of the content.

  • Use the Writing Style of Inverted Pyramid

Do not start a content piece with a fluffy introduction. Viewers generally prefer to get a summary of the content, before they decide to read it further. So follow the inverted style of writing and provide a summary at the starting and continue providing supporting information inside the article. This style of writing content will engage the viewer and entice him to read further.

  • Write for Human Viewers not Search Engines

While writing a content pieces, keep the human viewers in mind.  While SEO is important, writing all content for search engines is not preferable. You have to balance the two aspects. Each content piece should revolve around a single concept, and provide readers valuable information about the topic. The keywords should naturally flow rather than being forcefully included.

  • Do Not Forget the Mobile Viewers

More than 60% of online viewers use mobile phones. Hence you need to design the content to suit mobile reading. Majority of the mobile users are impatient, they quickly scan the page and leave the page if they do not find the information they are looking for. Write attractive headings and subheadings, use bold colors to highlight important words and phrases and always prioritize your content.

Follow these four simple practices to make your website standout and attract viewers. The website should address the requirements of the clients and provide them relevant information. They should also know about the expertise and professionalism of the firm by looking at the website. Do not follow others but create your own website. A DUI lawyer website may be different than a criminal lawyers. So identify your audience and provide content as per their requirements